How to use this book in your book club discussion group.


We never get to hear what Ana Felicia asked Arthur. We know she didn’t propose marriage. So, what could her question possibly have been?

Will Constance have a problem with the friendship between Ana Felicia and Arthur?

George tells Arthur that a person’s lowest moment doesn’t define who you are. Do you agree?

What was the final piece of the puzzle for Arthur?

Arthur tells George that one night long ago he and Birdie shared bits of their tragic stories with one another. What tragedy could Birdie have faced in her past?

It appears that Ana Felicia and Arthur will continue their relationship as friends. Can you ever think of your first love as just a friend?

Should Constance be worried that Ana Felicia’s and Arthur’s love will resurface?

Why doesn’t Ana Felicia share a lot of details about her husband with Arthur?

Does Martin have it in him to leave Stones End and move to England?

Have you ever been faced with a troubling issue where your friends came to your aid?