L. Carpenter

In her first novel, Ceil Warren delivers a compelling narrative of one man’s struggle to replace bitter memories with hope for the future. I was captivated by the moving vignettes that serve as a reminder that we are all capable of compassion. In the end, I was first surprised and then serenely content with Arthur’s […]

N. Dmytrijuk

Loved it! I was completely captivated by this wonderful novel celebrating life and all its messy complexities. Profound, witty, engaging story that constantly moves forward with fast-paced, hysterical dialogue, heart-stopping, heart-aching and stand-up-and-cheer moments. Turning Toward the Sun is filled with relatable characters: quirky, lovable, flawed. The story unfolds as 62-year old Arthur receives an […]

K. Whitton-Grzanka

Arthur is determined to keep his forty-year-old secret hidden. His nosy, well-intentioned friends are equally determined to find out what he’s hiding. Who will emerge triumphant in this epic battle of wills? Don’t miss this one-day journey with Arthur as he struggles to answer one of life’s biggest questions. K. Whitton-GrzankaSouth Carolina

L. Moneypenny

Wuthering Heights meets The Andy Griffith Show — In her debut turn, author Ceil Warren paints a cast of characters with a backstory like Heathcliff’s and heart like Aunt Bee’s. Set on a single day in the New Englandish village of Stones End, the story centers on Arthur, the reliable but passionless bachelor who owns […]

Jacqueline Kutner

This poignant, delightful book will be savored and remembered! Ceil Warren weaves a suspenseful web of long-ago love in a small bucolic village in rural Connecticut. A mysterious letter turns a routine day upside down packed with intriguing twists and surprises. Quirky characters, including a philosophical bench, offer deep insight into life’s challenges and meaning. […]