About Ceil Warren

Native New Yorker Ceil Warren builds on a long family line of storytellers and characters faced with life’s impossible challenges. Born into a close-knit family of eight children, she grew up with amazing tales and people from Newfoundland to Belarus. Stories of survival: from Manhattan tenements in the 1920s to an exploding ship in World War II.

Living 17 miles north of Manhattan in Westchester County, Ceil takes full advantage of Broadway theater, museums, ballet and opera. All nourish her creative passion for storytelling, characters and drama.

Ceil shattered the glass ceiling for business women and corporate leaders in the 1970s, when women were just beginning to advance into higher-level management and corporate positions. She self-taught her way to a successful career in finance, becoming CFO of a sales operation for a Fortune 500 company at the age of 34.

In her second career in writing, Ceil gladly trades building business plans, telling company stories and crunching numbers for weaving remarkable tales about people against all odds and places you want to visit or even make your home.

Ceil Warren Collection

Turning Toward the Sun

True love will find you—even if you’re not ready.

Pushing Back the Storm

A bride, a groom & a former love.
What could go wrong?

When Only Happily Ever After Will Do

Irresistible love story—with a WOW ending


In her first novel, Ceil Warren delivers a compelling narrative of one man’s struggle to replace bitter memories with hope for the future. I was captivated by the moving vignettes that serve as a reminder that we are all capable of compassion. In the end, I was first surprised and then serenely content with Arthur’s resolution and its unexpected consequences. He had finally taken his father’s advice which are words for us all to live by: ‘Let go of the day’s worries each night so there’s room for tomorrow’s joys.

L. Carpenter
Westchester County, NY

I found Turning Toward the Sun a winning mix of intrigue and charm. Throw in an anthropomorphic bench named George, zany sass-talking friends, hilarious antics, life at its heart-wrenching best and love at its most tender moments and you have an utterly satisfying read.

M. Piri
Bronx, NY

It was exciting to read this novel of Arthur and his dilemma of a long-lost love. The author carries the intrigue of a mysterious letter with panache. The story line flows beautifully drawing the reader into the action. You cannot wait to turn the next page. I was captured by the richly developed characters who drew me to their quest of helping Arthur. Eagerly awaiting your next feel-good story!

J. Weremeichik
Sarasota, FL

Allow yourself the great pleasure of reading Turning Toward the Sun. You’ll give yourself the gift of a sunny day surrounded by fabulous friends. Truly heartwarming!

A. O’Connor
Westchester County, NY

Loved it! I was completely captivated by this wonderful novel celebrating life and all its messy complexities. Profound, witty, engaging story that constantly moves forward with fast-paced, hysterical dialogue, heart-stopping, heart-aching and stand-up-and-cheer moments. Turning Toward the Sun is filled with relatable characters: quirky, lovable, flawed. The story unfolds as 62-year old Arthur receives an unexpected letter which causes him to wrestle past demons, fight to keep a 40-year-old secret hidden and attempt to find an answer to a decades-old question. Will he find the redemption and answers he seeks?

N. Dmytrijuk
Orlando, FL

Arthur is determined to keep his forty-year-old secret hidden. His nosy, well-intentioned friends are equally determined to find out what he’s hiding. Who will emerge triumphant in this epic battle of wills? Don’t miss this one-day journey with Arthur as he struggles to answer one of life’s biggest questions.

K. Whitton-Grzanka
South Carolina

I got so close to Arthur and his family of friends I could almost hear them breathe. I laughed, cried, and chuckled at the endless kindnesses, grace, and vulnerabilities of the characters who left a hole in my heart. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Dr. Wally D. Borgen
New London, NH

Feel-good book of the year! A rare pleasure when an author takes the reader into the soul of a character. I cherished this richly woven, witty, soul-searching journey as Arthur struggles to shake off his past and take a path toward an unknown future.

M. Cardinale
Dutchess County, NY

Wuthering Heights meets The Andy Griffith Show — In her debut turn, author Ceil Warren paints a cast of characters with a backstory like Heathcliff’s and heart like Aunt Bee’s. Set on a single day in the New Englandish village of Stones End, the story centers on Arthur, the reliable but passionless bachelor who owns the town printshop and harbors a deep secret. As each kooky resident of the village is introduced, flashbacks illuminate the characters and the strong relationships that make this day inevitable. Warren has a flair for dialogue. The characters’ playful and compassionate back and forth swaddle the reader in a cloak of friendship. Until you see how it turns out for your friends, Arthur and the rest, you won’t be able to put the book down.

L. Moneypenny
Westchester County, NY

This poignant, delightful book will be savored and remembered! Ceil Warren weaves a suspenseful web of long-ago love in a small bucolic village in rural Connecticut. A mysterious letter turns a routine day upside down packed with intriguing twists and surprises. Quirky characters, including a philosophical bench, offer deep insight into life’s challenges and meaning.

Jacqueline Kutner
President Bronx County Historical Society