About Ceil Warren

Native New Yorker Ceil Warren builds on a long family line of storytellers and characters faced with life’s impossible challenges. Born into a close-knit family of eight children, she grew up with amazing tales and people from Newfoundland to Belarus. Stories of survival: from Manhattan tenements in the 1920s to an exploding ship in World War II.

Living 17 miles north of Manhattan in Westchester County, Ceil takes full advantage of Broadway theater, museums, ballet and opera. All nourish her creative passion for storytelling, characters and drama.

Ceil shattered the glass ceiling for business women and corporate leaders in the 1970s, when women were just beginning to advance into higher-level management and corporate positions. She self-taught her way to a successful career in finance, becoming CFO of a sales operation for a Fortune 500 company at the age of 34.

In her second career in writing, Ceil gladly trades building business plans, telling company stories and crunching numbers for weaving remarkable tales about people against all odds and places you want to visit or even make your home.

The reader will begin their journey into this first-in-a-series book, Turning Toward the Sun, in the imaginary village of Stones End, Connecticut. The story reveals the secrets, fears, passions and challenges of many of the quirky residents and provides a witty, poignant and delicious escape from the real world.

Turning Toward The Sun

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