When Only Happily Ever After Will Do

The Third Book in the Stones End Series

Irresistibly charming
love story…

Brimming with mysterious twists and turns, fierce love and the never-ending hijinks of
Stones End residents

Other Works from Ceil Warren

Turning Toward the Sun

The First book in The Stones End Series

True love will find you
—even if you’re not ready.

The adventure begins in the tiny village of Stones End where life moves slowly, gossip travels fast & deep, dark secrets don’t stay hidden forever. A story of deep love, fierce friendships & lively living.

Wuthering Heights meets The Andy Griffith Show — In her debut turn, author Ceil Warren paints a cast of characters with a backstory like Heathcliff’s and heart like Aunt Bee’s.

L. Moneypenny,  Westchester County, NY

Scenes from a Live production based on “Turning Toward the Sun”

Pushing Back the Storm

The Second book in The Stones End Series

A bride, a groom & a former love.
What could go wrong?

Watch an interview with Ceil Warren

Ralph Peluso welcomes Ceil Warren back to his literary show: Reading, Writing and Ralph. Join the discussion about Ceil’s newest book, Pushing Back the Storm. Z-TV